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1. Policy & Strategy Development

WEHDI recognizes that governance and institutional arrangements in the water, sanitation and environmental sectors have a critical impact on how infrastructure and services are delivered. Key to WEHDI`s work will be the political economy and governance analysis of water and environment sectors (due to its potential contributions to operational effectiveness). Furthermore, WEHDI contributes to the development of minimum standards for more effective regulation of the environment through strengthening of governance and institutional capacities for better enforcement of rules and regulations in the water, wastewater and solid waste sector.


  • Capacity Gaps and Bottleneck Analyses

  • Standard setting, Impact Planning & Monitoring

  • Governance & Institutional Strengthening


2 Platform for Linking Policy Actions & Decision-Making with Data & Science

WEHDI contributes to supporting and strengthening the science-policy interface. We combine combine research and knowledge generation with field engagement, making concrete recommendations for improved governance, planning  and delivery of programmes.

Through partnerships WEHDI provides a holistic view of environmental water management and governance, and to offer clear links across disciplines. WEHDI believes that enhanced climate observations, improved modelling and climate services reduce uncertainties and help policy makers deciding on adaptation strategies and impact investments.

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  • Enhanced water quantity and quality baseline data through geo-spatial data (applications, systems, tools and other products/services);

  • Two-way data exchange - knowledge transfer and interface at local, regional and continental scale


3. Multi-Dimensional & Multi-Sectoral Initiatives With Joint Development Outcomes

WEHDI's efforts will contribute to both the processes and outcomes, informing macro and micro policies. The aim is to influence strategic planning and guide multi-sectoral and multi-scalar programming.

WEHDI provides technical support and decision-making tools for promotion basin-level and local level water security (including assessments of surface and ground water – quantity and quality) through the broader and holistic perspectives of water and land ecosystems protection.

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  • Pilot initiatives for demonstrating multi-dimensional planning and impact at local and river-basin and sub-basin levels

  • Development of enhanced monitoring system for multi/cross-sector projects for impact


4. Capacity Strengthening

WEHDI's capacity building work is guided by the respect of human rights, environmental safety and the commitment to contribute to sustainable development. Linking these three drivers requires strengthened capacity for both management and governance to not only empower individuals, organization’s and society as a whole, but to also create a more effective, transparent, inclusive and equitable governance of natural resources and ecosystems. WEHDI`s capacity strengthening efforts will move beyond the traditional water and environment ministries to encompass actors like the finance, planning and line ministries, civil society groups and the private sector.

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  • Design of targeted training materials, frameworks and tools for cross-sector partnerships;

  • Demonstration of use of decision-making tools and facilitating action planning

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