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Photo - Julia Lacal Bereslawski.jpg

Julia Lacal Bereslawski

WEHDI Member & Technical Advisor

Julia Lacal is an Environment professional with 7 years of experience in Water Resource Management, recognized for having a broad international exposure, adapting to multi-cultural environments and being proficient in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


Holding a Bachelor of Science in Environment from McGill University and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Julia is currently working as an independent consultant in Water and Sanitation for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in the design and implementation of water resource management projects in South America.


Julia has expertise in project management, stakeholder engagement, fostering international cooperation, resource planning and M&E. She has also undertaken research on the optimization of wastewater treatment methods in the personal care product industry.  


She is a solution driven professional committed to raising awareness on water protection and its sustainable use.

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